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April 14, 2021

We were busy, but happy. Day started with legwork and paperwork for the landlord and fellow tenants. It was a big success.

And then! To celebrate what would have been his 92nd birthday, Gerry Anderson Day was a fabulous success with a dizzying array of screenings, live events, and very cool stuff!

Our modest contributions to Gerry Anderson Day included several tweets and pics…

INCLUDING sharing our absolutely favorite moment from the the first Ballantine paperback, BREAKAWAY by EC Tubb…

We also received and unpacked some physical copies…

We cooked…

Yes, this is stock.

We did laundry…

No, this is real, that’s us.

And look! These words and pictures. We posted! Ooraah.

Carry on, Doomtroopers.

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Y1AT (Year One After Tom)

We’d wager that a lot of people are thinking about Tom Flynn.

YouTube videos make for a poor seánce—we know, we apologize.

Still, we do what we can. So smoke it if you’ve got it, drink deep if you are so inclined, turn off the lights and pump up the volume. It’s Movie Night, somewhere. Out there. In The Tom Zone.

And we seem to have hit some sort of cap as to the number of videos YouTube will allow us to embed. Bummer! On deck were THE TRAIN, THE GREAT ESCAPE, and THE TERMINATOR. Ah well. The smoke swirls still, the spirits hover. They will always be there. So carry on, DoomFuckers.


cool shit

The size of space


The Day in Pictures Sunday March 28 2021

And yes, Hello Beautiful.



March 9, Mein Gott. The Dead Are Loud Today.


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The Day in Pictures

Credits for everything can be easily provided if anyone wants. But I kind of like it like this. Mysterious. Carry on.


Hello, Beautiful

Hello Beautiful / We Are Grateful

HELLO BEAUTIFUL, two days late but we saw you four times today, twice before dawn and twice again after sunset. We are grateful, we have lit four candles. Wolf Moon, January. It has been a hard month.

It has been a bitch of a month.

But we are still here, and we are grateful.

Carry on.


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Hello, We Are Still On The Air. First Up: Temple ov Saturn – The Rites of Janus

We wrote,

Beats of the body / Pulses of Time

A ritual, a soundtrack, a conjuring of the forces within, bone and blood, stronger than any god, the revelation that you are the god, the seed, the spear, the arrow through generations.

More Later. If you are reading this, Welcome to 2021!


Edited to add: A little inelegant, dropping the entire tweet in there, but as long as the little gif film runs and the links work, we are happy. Bear with us as we still give the block editor and new format a shakeout drive.


Hello, Beautiful


Image via Farmer’s Almanac

WOLF MOON. COLD MOON. CANCER MOON. We greet you with gratitude, Lady.

(And no, we’re not dead, obviously. Kisses.)


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Soundtrack, Sunrise, Sunday, Sabbatum. Worked for us. Good Morning, Children of the Atom

Went looking to see if there was a band called SABBATUM and found these dopes. With the opening blare of the “dirty organ,” I burst out laughing, but not with displeasure! “Ok, let’s go worship at the altar of Ozzy by way of Deep Purple for 45 minutes, let’s do this.” It was nice!

Things have been crazy at The Lab. More later, maybe. Hope you are all well and tightly wrapped, my pretties.