Hey out there! Welcome to the first official post of ICHIBAN WEAPON READY, the Simon Drax Blog. I’ll probably be toying with this all day, trying THIS, trying THAT, screwing UP, screwing DOWN… You get the picture. Bear with me while I get the picture. I’m so excited thrilled juiced psyched; I can cross-out words!!! Just like the clever writers at Gawker! I can work that irony thing to the max. Ah, the possibilities. Now I need to figure out my tags, the insertion of cool pics, embedding videos… Yes, I’m a cyber semi-idiot. But not for long. I’ve got a bundle of stuff to add to the cesspool of the blogosphere. (And you thought it was a mess before.) Now… NOW… we’re all in trouble. And it’s all your fault. You know who you are.

More Later.

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