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Links, Links, Links (Get Clicking)

A 15-meter-long (about 49-foot-long) Yamato spaceship model rises at a “Yamato Sacas” exhibit in the redeveloped TBS Akasaka Sacas area in Tokyo. The exhibit will remain on display from November 20 to December 4. [Link]

LINKS. There’s a whole lotta cool loot out there. Get clicking!

UTTERLY MONSTROUS! Two galleries of Frankenstein and Bride of Franken- stein stills at MONSTER BRAINS! Super hi-res, super nice, awesome shots, LOTS. Get clicking!

TO DIE FOR! Yoshitaka Amano’s Vampire Hunter D in glorious resolution rarely seen at Minitokyo! Get clicking!

AFTER YOU’RE DEAD! Joe Kane’s Night of the Living Dead book is thunder- ously reviewed at Popmatters!

KEEP ON TRUCKIN’! Matthew R. Bradley continues to make Tuesdays special with Richard Matheson, Storyteller at!

UH, WHAT? “What STEAMPUNK BATMAN Remake/Remodel Thread? Sir, I know not of that which you speak!” (At this point it’s no longer “news,” but yes, it’s mighty awesome.) GET CLICKING!


CACOPHONOUS DREAM HARMONIES! A new mix by Mangoweb on 8tracks, Between the Shadow and the Soul! Get listenin’!

That’ll do ya.


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