A Darker Shade of Pagan, 2/27/11

Pagan sounds from the underground!

Playlist for 02/27/11

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Demian Clav – Useless Servant
Ion – Damhsa Na Gceithre Ghaoth
Monica Richards – Into My Own
Julianna Barwick – Envelop
Omnia – Moon
Sister Crayon – (In)Reverse
Autumn’s Grey Solace – Faint Young Sun
Peaking Lights – Amazing and Wonderful
Soriah featuring Ashkelon Sain – Cehui
Bat For Lashes – Strange Love

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Original photo by Kaeldra


“Too Blasphemous.”

via Grottu!


Midway Slump by Zvuku

heatdeathrecords on bandcamp



Exit Vector: “Henceforth…”

“…anybody interested in READING EXIT VECTOR ONLINE shall be directed from this site, Ichiban Weapon Ready, to THIS PLACE.”

All for now. More to come. No big deal. Been meaning to do this for a while. Anyway. Kiss your children. See you tomorrow.



Vote for your favorites for the Year in Classic Horror HERE.

Many of the nominees on this year’s ballot will be familiar to readers of this blog; many others are possible as write-ins! Why, as a matter of fact, my untrustworthy associate, The Creep in the Art Department, will be scribbling-in this little gem…

…which will be submitted as BEST FAN ART PRESENTATION OF A MYTHICAL COVER OF AN ACTUAL MAGAZINE, and bless my buttons, he might even win! Who knows! The Rondos are always fun. Go and vote now. RONDOS.


Sunday’s A DARKER SHADE OF PAGAN, Now, You mUst ListEn NOw…

Pagan sounds from the underground!

Playlist for 02/20/11

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Pandemonaeon – Fierce Black Soul of Night
Lasher Keen – Red Thread and Rowan Tree
Wendy Rule – As Above, So Below
Demian Clav – White Mirror
Esben and the Witch – Swans
Chris Schlarb – Daughters of Ursa Major
My Gold Mask – Violet Eyes
This Immortal Coil – Cardinal Points
Fern Knight – Crumbling Stairs
Autumn’s Grey Solace – Riverbled

You can also listen to this show on the Pagan Radio Network!

but you must listen… now…


Final days for the LEVIATHAN 5 Fund-Raising Challenge! Support Translated Fiction!

Art by JZ Zerfoss

Jeff VanderMeer says,

Leviathan 5: The Next Wave, the latest in the award-winning fiction anthology series edited by my wife Ann and me, will focus on new writers of weird fantasy fiction, and will also endeavor to have an open reading period as world-wide as we can make it. This means many writers who don’t write in English will be able to submit, to our brigade of foreign language editors.

The publisher is ChiZine, and they’re providing a budget that is respectable for an English-language anthology. BUT, we will need more funds for the translation component. READ HERE FOR MORE CONTEXT.

So…all of February is fund-drive month [here at Ecstatic Days.] Our goal is to raise $1,000 in 28 days, to add to the $300 in donations already received. Your name will be listed in the book, and you can donate easily through paypal to vanderworld at hotmail.com or via check to “Jeff VanderMeer”, POB 4248, Tallahassee, FL 32315.

IF we reach the $1,000 goal, I will do an interpretative dance based on the title story in my story collection, “The Third Bear,” which will be taped and put up on YouTube for your enjoyment. Trust me when I say that…I am a terrible dancer…and very bad at interpretative dance…and, um, a dance based on The Third Bear…I could do myself an injury on accident… (Note also that per this post, I can confirm that my collection Third Bear has earned out, which means my pledge to use all royalties received from the book toward Leviathan is no idle claim.)

In case you need proof of the potential entertainment value, here’s a limited view of my prior skill at (1) acting and (2) moving around.

Drax says: This really can happen. As of February 19, donated funds had climbed past $800. Make the final days of February count! Support translated fiction, make VanderMeer dance! Though I’m a little terrified by the notion of a Third Bear “interpretive dance.”


I am freakin’ backlogged w/ posts! And Sylvia says “Beware.”

Let’s see: the queue includes this week’s darker shade of pagan, the Rondo Awards, EV shit, before and after photos of the physical and badly-needed disassembly and redesign of the draxian office which is partly to blame for the backlog; I want to give a shout-out for Leviathan 5 in these final days of February and a whole host of other cool shit, but it will all have to wait a little while longer, you’ll just have to be satisfied with this semi weird picture of Sylvia Plath that I snapped with my laptop camera from a postcard that mysteriously slipped out of my copy of FICTION WRITER’S MARKET 2008 that I was tossing onto the DEAD BOOK PILE.

The original photo is very famous. It is © and was taken by Rollie McKenna in London, 1959.

It is weird because it is flopped on the horizontal, and the reflection upon the postcard fell right over her eyes, as if Sylvia possessed special powers.



The Enemy Ace, The Eighty Victories (progress, sort of)

New Frontiersman: Didn’t the Red Baron have a cameo in THE BLUE MAX? Von Richthofen was a character in an episode of THE YOUNG INDIANA JONES CHRONICLES. Not directed by Joe Johnston, but the episode does treat us to an interpretation of this über-plane:

Drax: Well, hang on, you crazy Hesse fueled Cimmerian, you’re going to see a Von Richthofen that’ll warp your mind (even more than it already is).

New Frontiersman: Steampunk Von Richthofen?!

Drax: Good god, no. More like SOULSTEALER Von Richthofen.

New Frontiersman: Ah. I am picturing von Richthofen’s Flying Circus as a flock of vampire bats — or should I say fledermäuser?

Drax: Nein, nein, nein!


Still have not seen the above film. Dubious about any real benefit other than studying a recent work on the matter lensed in an “authentic” yet “flashy” and “dramatic!” fashion. There’s going to be a “fantastic” element in my Red Baron story, but I really want said element to spring from an “event/fact” that has at least been “recorded.” At the moment, I’m approaching it like a drawing, architecture, anatomy: the better one understands reality, the easier it is to distort it.

Sounds good on paper, anyway.

There’ll be more on this, later. And other shit too. Consider yourself warned.


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