Swinebalg + Plague Doctor = ARS SOMNIUM (+ possibly the birth of dreampunk)



EC Steiner | King Unicorn says,

“ARS SOMNIUM has officially launched!”

“ARS SOMNIUM is an ongoing exhibition between Carisa Swenson | Goblin Fruit Studio and myself celebrating the characters and creatures that appear during our nightly visitations to our private dreamlands. These beings are rendered as one-of-a-kind artworks and shared online for your amusement. The first character to appear from my workbench is an interpretation of Carisa’s Plague Doctor encounter.”

Learn more about this online exhibition: HERE

See more of The Plague Doctor art doll: HERE

See Carisa’s interpretation of Swinebalg creature: HERE

Drax says, Freaky fucking… Dreampunk! It could be a whole new “genre,” always collaborative in nature, first a dreamer, then realized by a second, a shaper. DREAMPUNK!  Huh. No wiki entry. Well look at that. DREAMPUNK!!! Like, in Gaiman’s Sandman, A Doll’s House, when The Dreaming is collapsing, and everybody’s dreams slosh into everybody else’s… YES!


It’s beautiful.

I will hate this tomorrow.