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The Sunday Drax, 3/20/11 [links, pictures, stuff]

Pagan sounds from the musical underground!

Playlist for 03/20/11

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Hexperos – A Forest
Barn Owl & The Infinite Strings Ensemble – Levitation
Sleepthief (feat. Mirabilis) – Asunder
Grouper – Sick
The Moon and The Nightspirit – Csillagnasz
Monica Richards – The Turnaway
Warpaint – Majesty
Dyonisis – We Are
Claire Voyant – Lustre
Glasser – Apply

You can also listen to this show on the Pagan Radio Network!

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“AHHHHHHHHH!!! LOVE The Cult. LOVE Firewoman. Used to have MAD TEENAGE CRUSHES on Ian Astbury. I found out maybe 6 months ago he has a twitter account. Ended all crushes forever. Still love The Cult, though :)” — Anon

Let’s do some Cult, man


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Lewis Carroll’s The Hunting of the Snark

Illustrated by Henry Holiday

You can download a 300dpi page scan of the 1876 edition of The Hunting of the Snark by clicking HERE.

Thanks, TSTF.

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Water Lily

model unknown

(via fireandether)

UPDATE VIA COMMENTS: “Apparently it’s circa 1905 and is possibly Isabelle Lowe.  Here is the original flickr link.  Man, it’s a shame how this stuff gets lost in the shuffle; the information is usually all there from the get-go! flickr

(I suck…)

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“Spring buds are silhouetted against the rising full moon in Washington, March 19, 2011. Photograph by: Hyungwon Kang, Reuters”

Read more

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Hieronymus BOSCH
Death and the Miser
c. 1490
Oil on wood, 93 x 31 cm
National Gallery of Art, Washington

and finally


John Scalzi’s Electronic Publishing BINGO


Image Credits: WowRainbows (Sunday Drax); © Ellen Rogers (FireWoman); both designs by The Creep. In The Art Department!

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