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I Am Cheered by the Damnedest Things

Is she in armor? Is she a cyborg, or perhaps even a total mecha? Is she wounded, is she broken? Is he fixing her, killing her, retrieving information, or about to switch her head? I don’t know. But stumbling across this picture went a long way to snapping me out of a fairly lethal gloom. I’ll take my tiny joys where I can find them. This picture is from “Metropolis” by Karl Lagerfeld for Vogue Germany, Feb 2010.

Thanks, fireandether.


6 replies on “I Am Cheered by the Damnedest Things”

Beautiful! Both the male model and Karl Lagerfeld tend to get on my nerves at times but this series is more intense and definitely inspiring. Thank you. I hope this gloom will leave your soul soon.

DRR, you are sorely missed. But even the quickest cruise through the old playground will reveal that that you are missing very little. Thanks for stopping by, and hope all is well in your part of the world.

Thank you. All is well. Recent decisions of change and renewal have been the best in a long time.

When you reveal your newly formed powers and direction, this dreary world will be immensely improved. Please, don’t keep us waiting overlong!

Yes! I need to adapt to them first, or else I might get too unstable and accidentally destroy some part of the Multiverse 😉

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