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A Startling New Feature, The Daily Drax Count

I had a great fucking writing day!

Figured out slash finished the basic frame for a j-horror-kaiju-psych-out-thing that would probably play, I fear, a lot like The Grudge, plus, you know, a giant monster, and who wants that??? But that’s okay, because this project is “permanently” shelved due to recent events, but it felt good to be able to click it together and put it away. It was called JESSICA DESTROYS TOKYO. I made a poster for it fucking months ago.

The monster would have been a mantis, like Kamacuras (but different).

and hey, visit On The Borderland, inspiration for this project. Excellent diarist and blogger, currently in Tokyo and Okinawa.

Credits: Teaser poster by Barssom. Middle image © Toho, Son of Godzilla. Bottom image by *KaijuSamurai, who also supplied Big K specs.

WHAT ELSE. Came up with two new ideas worth pursing for shorter projects, a fiction (horror), and a non-fiction (also a horror).

Spent some solid time in research. Like two hours. That counts!

Words Written: Five good ones.

See you as the midnight hour approaches tomorrow—under the zero moon! Maybe there’ll be a graphic. I don’t know. The Hexes thing will be “mind-blowing.” I hope. It might be late, maybe I’ll start it after this, maybe I’ll stay up all night, I don’t know.

NO MERCY. Well, maybe a little.

via Lolak and Captain Spaulding.


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