HEXES the sunday spectra

HEXES the Sunday Spectra 4/3/11

Pagan sounds from the underground!

Playlist for 04/03/11

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Metal Mountains – Structures in the Sun
Lux Interna – Into Nothing
Lasher Keen – Red Thread & Rowan Tree
Unto Ashes – She Binds Away the Night
The Moon and The Nightspirit – Oregerdo
The Moors – Guth Na Torainn
Fever Ray – The Wolf
Sarah Fimm – Yellow
Atrium Animae – Lacrimosa Dies (Demo)
Silver Summit – Oaks
Brendan Perry – Eros (Live)

You can also listen to this show on the Pagan Radio Network!

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Founding editors Nadya Lev, Zoetica Ebb, and Meredith Yayanos launched a Coilhouse blog in 2007, and published the first magazine issue in 2008. To date there have been five issues of Coilhouse, each a solid book filled cover to cover with articles and interviews and stunning photography. Every issue has sold out — though as of this week, back issues are temporarily available in PDF form!

Zoetica Ebb: I’ve always been fascinated with the idea of hidden life, a world beneath (or above, or within) the commonly available surface. What began as a peculiar, introverted kid’s rejection of the norm in run-down Communist Russia in favor of the enigmatic, the fantastical and the beautiful, became a quest for something better. An internal quest at first; devouring age-inappropriate books by the bed-ful, being introduced to dark Russian folklore and somber Byzantine temples by my mother. My imagination swelled to absurd proportions.

Read it at i09

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COLOSSUS revisted

“Every effort to sabotage Colossus ends in disaster, with those involved paying the price that is encapsulated in the computer’s ultimate choice:  live in peace, under my control, or die.”

Read it at Bradley on Film!

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“I am still giddy from our last session, where we did a tribute to Neil Gaiman’s great gift to graphic literature and serialized storytelling The Sandman. The titular Sandman was not represented (as he wasn’t for the bulk of the comic, in fact), but we did have models channeling five of his siblings, the Endless – Death, Desire, Delirium, Destiny, and Destruction.  I was Destiny.  There is no photographic evidence of this, but if you flip a few pages back in Destiny’s book, there is an account of me chaining a book to my wrist, then having to unchain it so that I could put my robe on, then chaining it back.  As for the Endless that anyone cares about, Lauren Goldberg has provided pictures of Stoya, Johnny Blazes, and Tess Aquarium as Death, Desire, and Delirium respectively.”


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“Fast asleep for 100 years” a new mix on 8tracks by Mlle Ghoul

“So fast asleep they were, they were not able to wake up for one hundred years…”

Track listing:

Prelúdio, Andrei Machado | Célébration à une Nouvelle Vie, Chaz Knapp | Wave, All Angels Gone | Children of an Uncertain Future, New Century Classics | we cannot escape the past, The Caretaker | Deception Falls, Rafael Anton Irisarri | Pariah, Richard Skelton | Y… de repente… me curaste, Bosques de mi Mente | We’ve All Gone To Sleep, Grouper | La Morte Vivante, Various Artists (Films of Jean Rollin) | Grandfather Clock, This Will Destroy You | Fragment IV, Library Tapes | Think The Way We Dream, Aesthesys | 51°03.773’, Clem Leek | The tower, Ludovico Einaudi | The Kiss, Philip Glass/Michael Riesman (The Hours) | Just Us Together, Andrew Hargreaves | Awakening, The Changelings

“Fast asleep for 100 years” a new mix on 8tracks by Mlle Ghoul

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Credits: Image for this week’s HEXES— photo– Ursula | photographer- Evgeniy Platonov — Design by The Creep in the Art Department. Colossus logo via  All others © the respective creators (see watermarks, etc).


2 replies on “HEXES the Sunday Spectra 4/3/11”

Wow, where’d you find that Colossus logo? Awesome, man. Thanks so much. Cool to be present as that was evolving.

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