A Frag from Frankenstein that I, Like an Idiot, Refer to as…

“…I turned with more attention towards the cottagers. Their happiness was not decreased by the absence of summer. They loved, and sympathized with one another; and their joys, depending on each other, were not interrupted by the casualties that took place around them. The more I saw of them, the greater became my desire to claim their protection and kindness; my heart yearned to be known and loved by these amiable creatures: to see their sweet looks turned towards me with affection, was the utmost limit of my ambition.”

— Mary Shelley

But if technology is to be trusted, the term good spirit of the forest appears nowhere in Frankenstein. I hate you + curse you forever, KENNETH BRANAGH.

This is for Paul and Wendy

Thank you.

Frankenstein Illustration by Bernie Wrightson | design by the creep in the art department | image found via flickr



Monday daily count 4/4/11

mins 45

words written: 145

(for “W” which is smoking hot)


Good Morning, and Goodbye Zero Moon

Creator unknown

It wasn’t too bad a passage, was it?! We’re all still here. Most of us, anyway.

Some things, quickly:

Progress actually made with the DOOMTROOPERS eBook (specifically, the Kindle Edition). Firm news/announcement coming very soon. Baby steps? Yeaaaaah. Absolutely. But steps, nonetheless.

I love FREAKANGELS, I love PAUL DUFFIELD, I love this poster, and… I want to give Warren Ellis shit, I want to say something like, “Oh, I hate him!” but it might actually confuse certain folk, so, for the record, no, I don’t. But I love this poster, and I envy people who are able to attend this event.


THIS NEW FEATURE, “THE DAILY DRAX COUNT,” will require a more elegant solution than popping up as daily, stand-alone post. Readers will get sick of seeing it in their alerts/google reader/tweets awfully damn fast. Doesn’t matter what the numbers are, it’ll be obnoxious. Don’t know what the solution is yet. But while I’m talking about this, I should state for the record (hmmm, I seem to be stating a lot of things “for the record” lately) that the inspiration for this tracking of work comes from Jay Lake, and he talks about what + how + why he measures his own exertions in a post Here. I’ve been reading Jay for over a year now, and he has inspired me in a lot of ways. So, go blame him.

All for now. Go say hello to the New Moon.


The Daily Drax Count

It was a busy day, filled with guests and mysteries.

Writing: 30 mins

Words Written (for “W”): 74

Editing: 30 mins (another project, “G-is-Go”)

Plotting: 30 mins (A nice daydream with two old beloved characters; do I want to put them in this?!)

Designing that fucking HEXES cover while doing other shit: Longer than I care to admit. The whole process would have made one of those amusing speed-capture transformation videos.

See you tomorrow. The Zero Moon will pass soon.


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