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Good Morning, and Goodbye Zero Moon

Creator unknown

It wasn’t too bad a passage, was it?! We’re all still here. Most of us, anyway.

Some things, quickly:

Progress actually made with the DOOMTROOPERS eBook (specifically, the Kindle Edition). Firm news/announcement coming very soon. Baby steps? Yeaaaaah. Absolutely. But steps, nonetheless.

I love FREAKANGELS, I love PAUL DUFFIELD, I love this poster, and… I want to give Warren Ellis shit, I want to say something like, “Oh, I hate him!” but it might actually confuse certain folk, so, for the record, no, I don’t. But I love this poster, and I envy people who are able to attend this event.


THIS NEW FEATURE, “THE DAILY DRAX COUNT,” will require a more elegant solution than popping up as daily, stand-alone post. Readers will get sick of seeing it in their alerts/google reader/tweets awfully damn fast. Doesn’t matter what the numbers are, it’ll be obnoxious. Don’t know what the solution is yet. But while I’m talking about this, I should state for the record (hmmm, I seem to be stating a lot of things “for the record” lately) that the inspiration for this tracking of work comes from Jay Lake, and he talks about what + how + why he measures his own exertions in a post Here. I’ve been reading Jay for over a year now, and he has inspired me in a lot of ways. So, go blame him.

All for now. Go say hello to the New Moon.


2 replies on “Good Morning, and Goodbye Zero Moon”

Oh, you’re forking over a few pennies for Doomtroopers, baby. (Oh, okay. I’ll spring for ya.) Tell ya what—I’ll buy the kindle of RMOS.

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