The Daily Drax Count

It was a busy day, filled with guests and mysteries.

Writing: 30 mins

Words Written (for “W”): 74

Editing: 30 mins (another project, “G-is-Go”)

Plotting: 30 mins (A nice daydream with two old beloved characters; do I want to put them in this?!)

Designing that fucking HEXES cover while doing other shit: Longer than I care to admit. The whole process would have made one of those amusing speed-capture transformation videos.

See you tomorrow. The Zero Moon will pass soon.


4 replies on “The Daily Drax Count”

Your love is my payment, Clairiance.

[Though I feel compelled to state that all commissioned/contracted/professional ie PAID graphic design work by BARSOOM, THE CREEP IN THE ART DEPARTMENT, and BRIAN BOUCHER can not appear in these pages, as that would very, very unprofessional.]

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