HEXES the Sunday Spectra 3/10/11

Pagan sounds from the underground!

Playlist for 04/10/11

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The Moon and The Nightspirit – Felleg Utjan
Faith and The Muse – Mesmerism
Grouper – Cassiopeia
Motion Sickness of Time Travel – Telepathy
Esben and the Witch – Argyria
Cold Cave – Burning Sage
Stephan Matheiu – (Excerpt from) The Floating World
O Children – Ruins
Ion – Return to Spirit

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The Alternate Reality Bookshelf

Credits: Top Illustration by Matt Lock  © All rights reserved by M.D.L.; Abbey Road by Christophe Gowans, whose literary musical covers lives here; Dark Phoenix and Watchmen by Fonografiks; Old Man’s War by Barry McWilliams/Sketchyrobots.

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Matheson on Matheson by Matthew R. Bradley at Tor.com

@ Tor.com

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Mary Shelley’s book release party. And it’s flopped! Crazy.

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“Alone with what the fog uncovered”


A new mix at 8tracks: Alone with what the fog uncovered
image: 27/365 morning fog (by ronpalarca)

“…and all at once the ghosts were gone.” It is the time of year when I trade out melancholy dirges and spectral nocturnes for gentle folk, jangly americana and eerie mountain music.  A longer mix than usual – please to enjoy!

Track listing:

Orono Park, The Wilderness of Manitoba | Creep On Creeping On, Timber Timbre | Go to the river, Yael Naim | The Winter from Her Leaving, William Fitzsimmons | Two Small Deaths, Wye Oak | Time Travelling, Erica Bruettner | Sleeping Dead, Emily Jane White | Room Nive, Nielsen | Glow, Lorah Campbell | Run Through the Forest, The Farthest Forests | Walk Around the Lake, Lost In The Trees | Suzanne, Alela Diane | Paperwhite Amaryllis, The Barn Swallows | Hey, Who Really Cares?, Headless Heroes | Baby, I Will Leave You In The Morning, Marissa Nadler | Red River, Sonya Cotton | Hotel Lights, Dan Petrich | Here with you, Jeanne Jolly | Dancing on the Gallows, Rose’s Pawn Shop | The Lonely Cricket, Jen Lane | Blue Ridge Mountains, Fleet Foxes

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Our Beautiful Cover Image, unmarred

Max Dupain, Untitled (Women silhouettes and trees), 1930’s

so beautiful


Drax Daily Count tk after midnight


Doomtrooper Snapshots, April 2011

(I guess I just wanted to see what it would look like. Now I know.)

Also, I came to a decision re bold pricing. It won’t. Be bold, that is. Just boring old 99.

More to come!


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