HEXES the sunday spectra

HEXES the Sunday Spectra 3/10/11

Pagan sounds from the underground!

Playlist for 04/10/11

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The Moon and The Nightspirit – Felleg Utjan
Faith and The Muse – Mesmerism
Grouper – Cassiopeia
Motion Sickness of Time Travel – Telepathy
Esben and the Witch – Argyria
Cold Cave – Burning Sage
Stephan Matheiu – (Excerpt from) The Floating World
O Children – Ruins
Ion – Return to Spirit

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The Alternate Reality Bookshelf

Credits: Top Illustration by Matt Lock  © All rights reserved by M.D.L.; Abbey Road by Christophe Gowans, whose literary musical covers lives here; Dark Phoenix and Watchmen by Fonografiks; Old Man’s War by Barry McWilliams/Sketchyrobots.

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Matheson on Matheson by Matthew R. Bradley at


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Mary Shelley’s book release party. And it’s flopped! Crazy.

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“Alone with what the fog uncovered”


A new mix at 8tracks: Alone with what the fog uncovered
image: 27/365 morning fog (by ronpalarca)

“…and all at once the ghosts were gone.” It is the time of year when I trade out melancholy dirges and spectral nocturnes for gentle folk, jangly americana and eerie mountain music.  A longer mix than usual – please to enjoy!

Track listing:

Orono Park, The Wilderness of Manitoba | Creep On Creeping On, Timber Timbre | Go to the river, Yael Naim | The Winter from Her Leaving, William Fitzsimmons | Two Small Deaths, Wye Oak | Time Travelling, Erica Bruettner | Sleeping Dead, Emily Jane White | Room Nive, Nielsen | Glow, Lorah Campbell | Run Through the Forest, The Farthest Forests | Walk Around the Lake, Lost In The Trees | Suzanne, Alela Diane | Paperwhite Amaryllis, The Barn Swallows | Hey, Who Really Cares?, Headless Heroes | Baby, I Will Leave You In The Morning, Marissa Nadler | Red River, Sonya Cotton | Hotel Lights, Dan Petrich | Here with you, Jeanne Jolly | Dancing on the Gallows, Rose’s Pawn Shop | The Lonely Cricket, Jen Lane | Blue Ridge Mountains, Fleet Foxes

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Our Beautiful Cover Image, unmarred

Max Dupain, Untitled (Women silhouettes and trees), 1930’s

so beautiful


Drax Daily Count tk after midnight


3 replies on “HEXES the Sunday Spectra 3/10/11”

Thrilled and grateful to be in the company of the Beatles, Byrne, and Claremont. Did enjoy the nietsneknarF clip, but of course my inner stickler bristled at the fact that so much of what they talked about isn’t actually in the novel. Yeah, dramatic license…

Regarding nietsneknarF. I know. One had to toggle a little. But I thought the idea was really funny and pretty well executed.

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