Rants and Posts…

…that will never see the light of day, ever.

(From 1 stickie, Jan or Mar 2010, yes last year)


really bitch and babble about how some bloggers/writers/artists need, fucking NEED the fucking love, how it becomes a drug, the “Unreal” factor…

And Let’s Not Forget

HIGH ON THE SHITLIST AND LOW ON THE POLE (How Every Post Makes Us Feel Like a God but It’s Just a Couple of Whimpers from Whipped Dogs) *

THE BIG BAD “MY LOVE AFFAIR WITH SYLVIA PLATH” POST: 1984, Natasha. Cat People. The Colossus. Everything.

WHY DOES EVERY FILM/MUSIC VID seem brilliant when played silent but appears idiotic with the sound on? (An increasingly recurring phenomenon)

“Apocalypse: My Favorite Fetish”

• • •

Jesus. I remember the morning I wrote all that in Jan OR March 2010 and it was not a good one. But I really should write that last one!! No, seriously, a real no bullshit essay about the fetishization of “apocalyptic culture” to the extent where it is the “norm,” almost the “expected.” Ah.

I’m clearing my desk.

* Yes thank you Uncle Harlan.


I’m Clearing My Desk, Look Out Below

In all seriousness, you might want to turn your receivers away from planet drax for while. You won’t miss much. Honest. “Buncha junk!”


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