Ashtray Chat

Rants and Posts…

…that will never see the light of day, ever.

(From 1 stickie, Jan or Mar 2010, yes last year)


really bitch and babble about how some bloggers/writers/artists need, fucking NEED the fucking love, how it becomes a drug, the “Unreal” factor…

And Let’s Not Forget

HIGH ON THE SHITLIST AND LOW ON THE POLE (How Every Post Makes Us Feel Like a God but It’s Just a Couple of Whimpers from Whipped Dogs) *

THE BIG BAD “MY LOVE AFFAIR WITH SYLVIA PLATH” POST: 1984, Natasha. Cat People. The Colossus. Everything.

WHY DOES EVERY FILM/MUSIC VID seem brilliant when played silent but appears idiotic with the sound on? (An increasingly recurring phenomenon)

“Apocalypse: My Favorite Fetish”

• • •

Jesus. I remember the morning I wrote all that in Jan OR March 2010 and it was not a good one. But I really should write that last one!! No, seriously, a real no bullshit essay about the fetishization of “apocalyptic culture” to the extent where it is the “norm,” almost the “expected.” Ah.

I’m clearing my desk.

* Yes thank you Uncle Harlan.


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