HEXES the sunday spectra 4/17/11

…I saw the moonlight shadows go creeping slow

image: “9th & Lake” | rocky schenck

The sound of the light, on a sunless morning.

Track Listing:

Unabi, Christen Lien | Occasional, Tears The Flowers of Hell | Ritual, Adam Hurst | Life’s Fading Light, The Sight Below | Silent Snow, Chiaroscuro Moon 4, Kenseth Thibideau | Dark, Dark My Light, The Ascent of Everest | Clubber Vs, Fourteen Nights At Sea | Reprise, This Will Destroy You

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Jeffrey Catherine Jones, The “Obscure Covers”

Many thanks and MUCH MORE @ Golden Age Comic Book Stories

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Nick Mamatas on Joyce Carol Oates

“We didn’t plan this, but walking down College Avenue tonight we saw that Mrs. Dalloway’s was hosting a reading by Joyce Carol Oates. Last time Oates came through, she was speaking in a theater that charged for entry. After dinner, we popped in to hear Oates read from bits of and speak about her first book-length memoir A Widow’s Year.”

A short spontaneous piece about a short spontaneous event, Nick Mamatas works wonders with a meager 572 words. Post of the week. No shit. Read it at Nick’s LJ.

Photo (greatly altered) by Rasoir J via 3:17am.net

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KEMPER NORTON,  kn winchester 19 3 11

More Slurtronic Wizardry + Free Music + Wonder

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The Demon Regent Asmodeus by Alan Moore + Tim Perkins + John Coulthart

via Feuilleton

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A Darker Shade of Pagan 4/17/11

Pagan sounds from the underground

Playlist for 04/17/11

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Faith and The Muse – Harai/When We Go Dark
Metal Mountains – The Golden Trees That Shade Us
Motion Sickness of Time Travel – Mental Projection
Grouper – Moon is Sharp
Every Silver Lining Has A Cloud – Motionless
Phaedra – The Sea
The Moon and the Nightspirit – Idebenn
Chelsea Wolfe – Widow
Mira – London Dungeon
Fern Knight – Long Dark Century

You can also listen to this show on the Pagan Radio Network!

Image via baubauhaus.com

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and finally

Hello, Beautiful

image via wyrdmagick.com


Damien’s Soccer Game! 1-0! And WHICH Demonchilde Kicked the Winning Goal?!

THAT’S RIGHT, mofos.

Edited, at the boy’s request. (He doesn’t want the world to know about his powers.)

And Hexes NOW.


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