Reign of Fire

MUSIC FOR HUNTING THE DAMN RABBIT and other activities. An excellent mix by the much missed River Otter. REIGN OF FIRE on 8tracks. All metal, all merciless. Bring weapons.


The Daily Drax Count

Mins 45

Words negligible. Hard questions.

(for EV)


Goblinfruit Studio Store Now Open

Would you look at this?! For budgets both big and small! Both full-blown actual physical nightmares (or friends, pals, even lovers, up to you) that you can actually wrap your arms around and wrestle with in your bed, as well as quality 2D prints you may safely keep pasted above your desk, all right here!

I think the postcards are of particular tremendousness.

And at a mere $2.25! Go there now. The Goblinfruit Studio Store is now open.

Bigtime congrats to Carisa.


PS: This will in no way affect the hunt for the damn rabbit. The rabbit fucking dies. This Easter. Be there.

“Death to the rabbit.”

“Now and forever.”

— D

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