“An Andromeda Strain for the new century, this is visionary fiction at its best: harrowing, brilliantly rendered, and far, far too believable.”
— LINCOLN CHILD, New York Times bestselling author of Deep Storm

Doubleday says:

The robots are coming! And they won’t stop until each and every one of us are crushed under their steely treads. We at Doubleday plan to welcome our shiny metal overlords, and to do it right, we’ll need a video trailer as electrifying as they are.

We need your help—and we’re willing to pay handsomely for it. Create and submit a video inspired by Daniel H. Wilson’s new novel ROBOPOCALYPSE, and you could win one of three cash prizes:

  • Grand Prize: $750
  • First Prize: $500
  • Second Prize: $250

Enjoy it now! Money won’t be worth much when they come.

Your video must be either 30 seconds or 60 seconds in duration and in one of these accepted formats: “MOV,” “MP4,” “WMV,” “FLV,” or “AVI”. Your video must feature the book shot of ROBOPOCALYPSE somewhere within. Download this, an excerpt of the book and other resources here. Submit your video here on or before May 13, 2011.

For a complete list of rules, GO HERE.


Gene Colan’s Final Work For Sale

Via Bleeding Cool:

“Legendary comic book creator Gene Colan is sick. And through long term friend and colleague, Clifford Meth, he is selling off the last of his artwork and signed books to fund his future needs, with the knowledge that he is unlikely to be drawing again any time soon.”

“So Clifford is accepting private bids on the following. If you are interested in the items [listed], e-mail him on with  “Colan Auction Bid” in the subject. The up to date list can be found here.” — Rich Johnston on April 25, 2011

Readers of this blog really should investigate and consider making a bid for the right reason: helping a beloved artist as gratitude for decades of wonderful work. But the purely mercenary should poke around, too, as items up for auction include several rare books autographed by Richard Matheson, Michael Moorcock, and more. Check it out. Planet Drax thanks you.


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