Pagan Dalek, Sketches and Resources and Such


• Going to be hitting both of the Huttons pretty heavily… and quickly. Don’t want to get bogged down/distracted in endless research. But I want authentic weirdness, not BS lifted from a movie or something.

• Thanks to Mlle Ghoul for putting SJS through her wardrobe paces the other day.

• Blocked the prologue—which was a no-brainer. Murder and moonlight and blood and WEIRDNESS, etc. But still.

• Certain components/factors set into motion that I can’t talk about yet.

• Tracked down one of the Dicks books… which I’m starting to feel ambivalent about even flipping through. But it might be nice to thumb through it, try to catch a glimpse of the past on an emotional level. Does that make sense?


The Daily DALEK Drax Count

Difficult to estimate time. Blocked the prologue, other plot elements. Tom Baker would have loved to film some of the shit I’m cooking up. At least, I think he’d dig it.

More tk. I warned you. This is better than clearing my desk, isn’t it???


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