“This might seem like a silly question, but will The Doctor be popping Jelly Babies in your horrible, horrible story?”

Via Tardis/Wikia

This is a deadly serious question. The answer is “No.” I was never a fan of that jelly baby nonsense.

Unless the damn candy could be used as a blistering life-or-death element utilized for extreme-pathos and excruciating emotional turmoil, you know? Example: The Doctor and Sarah are starving, lost in the (very pagan) wilderness and literally starving to death, and they are forced to fight—fight! With tooth and nail!—over the few remaining jelly babies in the Doctor’s pocket, revealing the dark dark oh DARK ickiness of the human/Galifreyian heart(s). But I seriously doubt there’ll be a scene like that, so,

No, sorry. No Jelly Babies.

Any other questions?


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