Ashtray Chat

Aborted Tweets for 5/5/11 (so far)

• “di-ar-rhe-a. DIARRHEA. I own this word, now. I will never ever misspell it again. Ever. #mycharge”

• “I wrote the word “sekrit” in charge’s log. Unsure if his overseers will think I’m cool or just stupid. #mycharge”

• “Border’s CEO has stones. Oh the wrong kind, baby.”

• “Why can’t I start an account for Pagan Dalek? CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME START AN ACCOUNT FOR PAGAN DALEK?”

more tk, doubtlessly.

2 replies on “Aborted Tweets for 5/5/11 (so far)”

Mary, sometimes it’s blog or tweet or go STARK RAVING MAD. It’s gotta go somewhere!!!!

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