Love Drax

Happy Birthday, Shooting Star

Julia Margaret Cameron The Echo 1868

Our Lady of Wisdom

Drink a Cup from Cerridwins Caldron
The Holy Grail of Immortality

A Cup to the Wise, the Poet, the Bard
So the words be not Forgotten

Hail to thee Great One
Who stirs the Caldron of Death and Rebirth

Brother Wolf trots at thy Heel
To sing thee his Mournful Song

The Seasons Change with thy Hand
The Corn ripens with thy Smile

Both Ends of Fate are thy Domain
Both Life and Death feel thy Hand

The Garden Path knows thy Tread
Mother ,in Natures Green Dress

The Alchemist Deep in his Lair
Knows too your Loving Kiss

Great Mistress of the Hearth of Life
We Hail to Thee this Night

May We Drink ever Deep
Of Thy bounty of Wondrous Light

Pagan and Proud of it


3 replies on “Happy Birthday, Shooting Star”

Thank you so much for this….it’s beautiful. You are so sweet, and I miss you so much.

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