Pagan Dalek, Notes + Discourse + Diarrhein

THE PAGAN DALEK LIBRARY is almost there. Still waiting on the Brain of Morbius novelization to arrive in the mail. It was something of a relief breezing through the Dicks after clunking through the Hinchcliffe (he wrote with a straight face). Hutton’s great; want to devour Triumph of the Moon for pure pleasure, but I have to really plow through Pagan, come back for a second pass with careful attention to the proper bits, then really get to goddamn work. I have a deadline in mind, and I’m waiting on a few crucial conversations (with my parole officer, my priest, and my therapist) before I can give this pagan-dalek-thing a total full bore attack, but this pagan-dalek-thing is going to happen one way or the other, even if it’s a fucking glorified blog fucking post.

Anyway, I look forward to this little book. It would be nice to listen to the audio book, too. Read by Baker.

Oh, Sarah. My Sarah Jane.

Allright, enough of that. What else. Will be working on tomorrow’s Hexes all night. It’s going to be “amazing.” Here’s screenshot from an earlier work gallery.



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