HEXES the sunday spectra

HEXES the sunday spectra 10/9/11

Cover Image: “For the Greater Good” by Syboro

The Mysteries of Maundbury

Maundbury is an experiment in shared worlds fiction: an open-source, crowd sourced Gothic Horror setting for use in fiction and gaming. Maundbury is a small New England town. The current year is 1968. Anything written or created for the Maundbury setting must be set in this year or before. Feel free to create histories, small settings (mansions, graveyards, churches, etc.) town personages past and present, etc. Try, when possible, to incorporate the work of other authors, but feel free to deviate as needed. Any original written content at the Maundbury Wiki is free to use in whole or in part, provided credit is given to Maundbury Wiki… This is a town of old families, hidden horrors and dark secrets.

Explore and Contribute to the Mysteries of Maundbury

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MIX 1st: A Darker Shade of Pagan, 8/28/11

This is a superb mix, one of Jason’s best. The day the waters descended and the lights went out.

Image: Imogen Cunningham, Eiko’s Hands, 1971

Pagan sounds from the underground.

Playlist for 08/28/11

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The Nocturnes – The Road
Adam Hurst – Spiritus
The Wyld Olde Souls – Wyld Maiden
Faun – Pearl
Florence + The Machine – What the Water Gave Me
Atrium Animae – Rex Gloriae
Bestial Mouths – Gulls
Monica Richards – Strange Familiar
Les Marie Morgane – Ile
Pandemonaeon – Heart Girt With A Serpent
Fern Knight – The Eye of the Queen

You can also listen to this show on the Pagan Radio Network!

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BEWARE THE BLACK ORDER! So comes the warning from the spirit of Myra Maynard’s father, who reaches out to her from beyond the grave to warn her of danger from the masters of the occult arts that lurk in the shadows and mark her for murder on her eighteenth birthday. Only the world’s first psychic detective, Dr. Payson Alden, and his friend Haji the Brahman mystic, can save clairvoyant Myra from the terrors of The Grand Master of the Order, who tries to claim not only her fortune but her life by means of suicide-inducing spells, invasion of her chamber by spirit assassins, and even reanimation of the dead by a fire elemental.

the strange file of Myra and more @ feuilleton

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Mix the 2nd:  conscript ∑ conflict by Lau

“i’m in a really strange mood.

what i’ve been listening to the past few days. the first song is thanks to ⱥnnie and a lot of you have been playing stuff off that caretaker album, which i love. i’m sure i owe a lot of this to youzz. xx.

image by nathan coley.”


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via the inexhaustible Moment of Moore

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Mix 3rd:  Beneath the silence in the dark by the ghoulnextdoor

12 tracks including music by 82-75, Behemoth in Flight, and Demdike Stare.

Beneath the silence in the dark

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It’s not that I think these might be good movies. But everybody likes trailers.

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and finally



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