Patti Smith, Camera Solo, Castello Longhi de Paolis di Fumone, 2006.

© Patti Smith.

Courtesy the artist and Robert Miller Gallery.

“Curated by the museum’s director Susan Talbott, Patti Smith: Camera Solo, which opened last week, features three rooms of Smith’s photographs. One of the rooms is entirely devoted to Arthur Rimbaud: a recreation of the stretcher he was carried on, photographs of his possessions, a glass case holding books, and a drawing all paying homage to the 19th-Century French poet who, as Ms. Smith reminded us, would have turned 157 on October 20, the day of the exhibition’s opening. There is also a fourth room, which shows and loops Smith’s Equation Daumal, a 2008 16 mm and Super 8 film. A few glass cases of relevant paraphernalia are scattered throughout the exhibition: old cameras, older books, Robert Mapplethorpe’s slippers, photo booth strips, the image from the cover of Smith’s hit memoir Just Kids, which shows the Patti Smith and Robert Mapplethorpe of 1969, arms linked, draped in bohemian outfits, at a fair in Coney Island, celebrating their two-year anniversary. In Just Kids, Smith describes the photograph as the couple’s “first real New York portrait.””— Rena Silverman Nov 07, 2011 BOMBLOG


Thanks @mattstaggs

“D” is for Deadline, Doom, and DEADITE

King Unicorn:

“For this week’s AlphaBeasts! entry, I’ve found the perfect way to combine my sculpting background with a brand new creature design: Papercraft! Now you can celebrate AlphaBeasts every day by building your very own King Unicorn AlphaBeast. Display it on your desk, bookshelf, or wherever you want a little minion of doom to guard your valued possessions.”


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