In other news…

…surprising forward movement on Wicker Dalek! Today, yes. On the day of action, how bout that. Since mid-afternoon I’ve been storming around hissing “Finally!” and “About friggin’ time!” but really, once I calmed down I realized, hey, we skipped a step. We are now with editorial. At least, we are now, once I removed all the curses and stupid American slang and such, and after I jotted together a Who-centric Drax bio, which is actually quite poignant in its…. 92 words. On this day of action. oh man. I need food. And I still have to take my daughter to the midnight premiere of that FUCKING KISSY POO VAMPIRE MOVIE…

Ah. So let’s all enjoy the Wicker Dalek Mix again. Because it’s “so good.”


4 replies on “In other news…”

Which means maybe the market for “non-canonical” WHO material will increase — enter WICKER DALEK.

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