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My Favorite AlphaBeast so Far: HOMUNCULUS by EC Steiner | King Unicorn

The King of Unicorns says:

I chose a nasty bit of alchemical history as my inspiration:

In the [Visions of Zosimos,] Zosimos mentions encountering a man who impales himself with a sword, and then undergoes “unendurable torment”, his eyes become blood, he spews forth his flesh, and changes into “the opposite of himself, into a mutilated anthroparion (a Greek alchemical concept of a being somewhat similar to a golem but possessing a sense of will and intelligence), and he tore his flesh with his own teeth, and sank into himself”, which is a rather grotesque personification of the ouroboros, the dragon that bites its own tail, which represents the dyophysite nature in alchemy: the balance of two principles. 

Zosimos later encounters several other homunculi, named as the Brazen Man, the Leaden Man, and so forth. Commonly, the homunculi “submit themselves to unendurable torment” and undergo alchemical transformation.

Transfiguration, autosarcophagy, teeth, and teeth, and teeth! Stoke the fires and gather all the lead you can find, because this week is giving life to…

H is for Homunculus…

Check out the always growing ranks of the AlphaBeasts. And Visit EC Steiner | King Unicorn at ANATHEMA ARCANA


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