HEXES the sunday spectra

HEXES the sunday spectra 12/11/11

Original image: “Hex 73” via

via John Coulthart:  Nick Hydra is putting all 112 issues of occult encyclopaedia Man, Myth & Magic online.

Man, Myth & Magic was an influential encyclopedia of the supernatural, including magicmythology and religion. It was edited by Richard Cavendish. The art director was Brian Innes, former percussionist of The Temperance Seven.

Man, Myth & Magic was originally published as a British weekly magazine by Purnell and Sons. Publication commenced in 1970, and continued for 112 issues spanning 1,000 articles with some 5,000 illustrations, many of them in full colour. Purnell also sold binders for gathering the installments into seven volumes, plus one additional binder for the magazine covers.

More than two hundred academics and specialists contributed to the magazine, and wrote in a generally accessible style.


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Project Moonbase

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Pulp Covers, Crazy Dreams

THE CRAZY DREAM: So, in volume one, “The Pagans,” our heroine, Tamara, a brilliant Oxford student, discovers a hardcore secret of the upper echelons of the university. There is a goat used at the Oxford ceremonies, a real goat they drag out for the alcohol-fueled “Sabbath.” Tamara falls in love w/ the Goat, which she renames “Henry,” after her grandfather. But she becomes so distracted, she flunks out! Her adventures continue in “Goat Island” and conclude in “Leave Her to Hell!” after she has abased herself, lied, cheated, and developed an addiction to a wicked mix of heroin and shoe polish. Poor Tamara has slept w/ many, many goats (none of them her beloved Henry), and worst of all, she has dyed her hair blonde. An epic romance for our time!

Disclaimer: I HAVE NO IDEA what the actual plots and contents of the above novels might be. I just liked these covers. And I swear I’m going to clip out the young woman from the cover of GOAT ISLAND and insert her into a faux retro early sixties version of DARK AUGUST because Golly, I’ve got nothing better to do.

Covers brought to you by

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The Great Divide (i)

Genre vs Literary Fiction—An Infantile Disorder by Nick Mamatas

It’s all so shocking and stupid. If you care, change. If you don’t care, then actually stop caring. But everyone cares, everyone cares. It’s never enough. Stephen King spends more than a decade re-angling himself to get into the New Yorker and Paris Review and a few years ago at the National Book Awards he shouts at everyone for not reading enough Jack Ketchum. And this is on top of being the most popular writer of the past thirty years. Some wounds won’t ever heal, especially if you spend hours and hours each day picking at them.

— NM

The Great Divide (ii)

“Escapism” fiction by Nick Mamatas


They put Piotr deep underground, in a hole in a honeycomb prison from which no one had ever escaped. His papers were burned, an axe taken to his computers, and his assistant taken away in the night. Like Galileo, Piotr thought, but there was no Inquisition for Piotr, no nobles who had taken his side, no eventual reprieve and exile to a far-off villa. For Piotr there was just a black hole and the rest of the world in all directions on the other side of the dark.

Read the full story at Nature

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It was time leave for the party. Which was exactly when my 10 year old daughter realized SHE NEVER BOUGHT SO&SO A BIRTHDAY CARD.

“Oh, no worries, honey. I have some nice cards right here.” I didn’t even have to rise from my desk. “Look, here are some nice cards for So&So.”

My daughter studied w/ mute horror the 3 cards I’d spread before her, she looked at the rabbits and the poet. “Dad,” she said at last, explaining it to me slowly like I was an idiot, “So&So is a ten year old girl. She would have nightmares. For years.”

(Dakota was quick to confide that she herself loved the rabbits, was indifferent to the poet, but really, her friend would be scarred, traumatized, she’d have nightmares.)

Nightmares? Induced by George, Henry, and Sylvia? Well, yeah, probably. But not from those postcards. Not those!

So I grabbed a few other postcards within easy reach. Now, these—! 

Drax fans send me the strangest things!

This particular within-easy-reach “card” has a bit of history behind it, not much of a story, but a few weird details: it is a piece of original art painted by a “famous” prisoner on Death Row. It was bought at auction and presented to me as a Christmas gift from the Writer’s Group I had formed in NYC in the late 90s. My group loved me but they hated everything I wrote me. “How can you be so smart and cool and offer such good criticism,” I distinctly remember them asking me, “how can you be so smart and produce such vile, awful, unreadable shit?!”  (I was log-jammed w/ Doomtroopers at the time, epsiode 4, which I would soon abandon to finish the first ed of Descent.) The test of history has proved my poor group vindicated!!!

Anyway, I like to keep this card/piece of art close by. Roots. Doom. Dire predictions.

Assorted stuff, gifts from friends and readers.

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Occupy Comics

download pdf


3 replies on “HEXES the sunday spectra 12/11/11”

The Martin Schongauer engraving “Saint Anthony Tormented by Demons” would make for great accompanying artwork amidst the pages of the Hermann Hesse short story “The Field Devil.”

STILL never seen MOONBASE, which you may know is Heinlein (as a screenwriter, not “merely” an original author), although I have a copy kicking around from Mr. Ehlert, as yet unviewed. Perhaps you recognized Hayden Rorke from I DREAM OF JEANNIE and the Bloch/Castle NIGHT WALKER. Perhaps not.

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