So Long, Beautiful (now I wait for the hex)

1982, California, USA — Lunar Eclipse —

Image by © Roger Ressmeyer/CORBIS

HEXES before the Witching Hour EST. The contents had better go skyclad before me in a vision really, really soon. Or it will be just awful.

Special bonus: Last week’s rejects!



  1. Do I get a prize for being able to identify the one on the lower left as Abraham Merritt’s BURN WITCH, BURN! (not to be confused with BURN, WITCH, BURN, the identically worded but differently punctuated alternate title for Richard Matheson’s NIGHT OF THE EAGLE), the basis for Tod Browning’s THE DEVIL-DOLL?

    • Well, I made it for you! That’s a prize!

      • Indeed, thanks. Due to the haphazard way in which I’ve been lurching through my e-backlog, I saw your BURN, WITCH, BURN post AFTER this one.

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