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Please Remember Magick 4 Terri: A Fundraiser to Benefit Terri Windling (Clock is ticking)

This is it, folks! Unless a couple of last-minute artists get back to us, our donation box at HQ is completely empty! No more new listings will be posted tomorrow or Thursday from us – instead, we’re going to use the time to remind newcomers of some early listings, highlight some popular categories, try to spread the word as far as possible, and prepare HQ to accept payments, sort bids, help you with paying and contacting your seller (if your seller is not HQ-based). Stay with us for a couple more days and watch your listings to make sure you’ve still got the high bids – read every bid! Sometimes people sneak in and drop a high bid when you aren’t looking! HQ Tech (that’d be me) will continue updating the Showcase listings on the left side of the site, so it’s easy to browse through special-interest auctions. Our extensive tag list helps you find things by specific keyword, i.e. “offered: books” or “artist: wendy froud.”

You are more than welcome to keep posting your own auctions! Just keep in mind that all auctions must end when the fundraiser ends on 12/15/2011 at 5:00 p.m. PST.

Do remember we’re here on Facebook and over here on Twitter and there’s a FB event listing to make it easy for you to invite your friends!

Magick 4 Terri


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