HEXES the sunday spectra

HEXES the sunday spectra 12/18/11 [NC17, NSFW, No Kids]

and a modest Art Nouveau Slave Leia Gallery

Adam Hughes


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Music : Sad Sol, My destiny – Masha Vahdat (Iran) and Sarah Jane Morris (England) (Lullabies from The Axis of Evil) Beautiful Artworks by Takato Yamamoto

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Richard Wagner & Arthur Rackham,

Siegfried & The Twilight of the Gods

Download a pdf of the complete 1911 Edition

Merry Christmas, bastards + bitches.

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Stay+ Mix – Xfm 10/12/11

 By Mary Anne Hobbs

Manchester born London based Stay + (Positive).. celebrate a flurry of incredible early releases for the Ramp label with this exclusive Xfm mix… 

STAY+ by Mary Anne Hobbs on mixcloud

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Christopher Hitchens: ‘the consummate writer, the brilliant friend’ by Ian McEwan

Christopher Hitchens with Ian McEwan (left) and Martin Amis in Uruguay, posing for a picture which appeared in his memoirs, Hitch 22. Photo: PR

I set the poem up [“The Whitsun Weddings” by Larkin] and read it, and when I reached that celebrated end, “A sense of falling, like an arrow shower/Sent out of sight, somewhere becoming rain,” Christopher murmured from his bed, “That’s so dark, so horribly dark.” I disagreed, and not out of any wish to lighten his mood. Surely, the train journey comes to an end, the recently married couples are dispatched towards their separate fates. He wouldn’t have it, and a week later, when I was back in London, we were still exchanging emails on the subject. One of his began: “Dearest Ian, Well, indeed – no rain, no gain – but it still depends on how much anthropomorphising Larkin is doing with his unconscious … I’d provisionally surmise that ‘somewhere becoming rain’ is unpromising.”

Read it at The Guardian

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“Loused Up in Space”

by Mort Drucker and Dick De Bartolo

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