EC Steiner | King Unicorn Takes DESCENT to a Dazzling New Level + A Brief Revisit to Soulless Lands

Well, look at this! I’m totally blown away by EC Steiner | King Unicorn’s stunning artwork for the imminent eBook and Kindle edition of DESCENT! Not sure how the final cover design will lay just yet, but The Creep in the Art Department went nuts mere seconds ago, claiming visionquest! and shouting for paint and pixels and brushes with much gusto, so we shall see. In the meantime, let’s give this lovely pic some content from the big bad tome itself; this is a bit from Chapter Eight, also known as

N o   S o u l s

The rock must have struck bottom—must have struck something—for a distant plume of flame rose, mushrooming upward. Catherine’s face was splashed with red light. Her eyes widened. Her foes cackled. She gazed at the newly illuminated landscape below.

She stood leaning and helpless at the edge of a massive circular pit with concentric rings, wheeling seemingly forever into darkness and scattered flames, like a gigantic spiral staircase fashioned of mud and rock, adorned and stuffed on each ridge with the flailing pale blue limbs of the lost, thousands upon thousands of naked figures, a human beehive of suffering and torment. They fought, they argued, they cursed their Hell without words, they carried the stain and the sin of a thousand generations before them, they were the lost. And there were so many.

Catherine understood at once that this was their city, their church, their temple; they had dug it with whatever fingers remained of their hands. They had come to Phelan seeking salvation, and this was the place he’d delivered them: the depths. How many, she wondered, how long—? But it didn’t matter. Looking down into the pit of the lost, Catherine knew in her heart there was no limit, no end, no bottom; Phelan’s dark hunger could never be satiated, that the depths of an evil, careless soul carried the cost and the ignored burden of innumerable victims. Here was the proof.

“Damn him,” she whispered. “I…”

Straining against the chain, against the hands that held her, Catherine tried to look back over her shoulder.

She said, “Let me help…”

They responded by shoving her off the ledge.

†  †  †

Text © Simon Drax

(watch the skies else ye be punished)


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