BECAUSE the Time of the Un-Time is Upon Us, Here, Now, but Not Forever

So dramatic! Takes me two friggin days to hang the GONE FISHIN sign on the door.

Anyway, all posts shall now cease for an indeterminate amount of time. What must be done shouldn’t take long, but it is high time that a few overdue projects be lifted from the worktable and bid farewell. (Fly, be free—ya little bastards.) If good news—like, really, really good news—should emerge during the blackout, I will break radio silence and crow about it. Highly unlikely. But just saying.

I will return soon. Be well. Be wicked!


Hello, Beautiful Dark Side

NASA Spacecraft Returns First Video from Far Side Of The Moon

WASHINGTON — A camera aboard one of NASA’s twin Gravity Recovery And Interior Laboratory (GRAIL) lunar spacecraft has returned its first unique view of the far side of the moon. MoonKAM, or Moon Knowledge Acquired by Middle school students, will be used by students nationwide to select lunar images for study. 

GRAIL consists of two identical spacecraft, recently named Ebb and Flow, each of which is equipped with a MoonKAM. The images were taken as part of a test of Ebb’s MoonKAM on Jan. 19. The GRAIL project plans to test the MoonKAM aboard Flow at a later date. 

Click for video

Real Moonwatchers know that I am a little early, but they will forgive me, because I won’t be here.




Into the Trees by Talonabraxas


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