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The Occult Experience (1985)

Listening to this while stitching together tomorrow’s HEXES. It’s sounding good. Thank you, John Coulthart. His weekend links are must-attend, always.

The Occult Experience: 95 minute documentary on the international occult scene, filmed in 1984-85 and screened initially by Channel 10, Sydney, in 1985. This digitised copy was made from a high quality VHS recorded directly from the original film print. It was filmed in Australia, England, Switzerland, Ireland and the United States. The director was Frank Heimans. Nevill’s role was co-producer, researcher and interviewer. The Occult Experience won a Bronze Award at the 1985 International Film and Television Festival of New York and was released in the USA on Sony Home Video (second hand copies on Amazon). The documentary did not screen on television in either the UK or USA unfortunately, so uploading a really good copy will interest a lot of people in those countries especially. More info at

(Couldn’t resist. Peeked. Look what’s inside!)

With special guest Himmler

Spoiler! Giger shows up at the end!

And by the time I’d slashed those grabs together, above, I’d listened to 47something minutes or so. Oh man, there’s a renunciation of fucking everything by a “New Testament Christian” that I must transcribe. And more! Will give a follow up in an “edited to add,” below. In the meantime, enjoy.

The Occult Experience on vimeo.

Back to HEXES. Give me some Death, baby.

†  †  †

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