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Frankenstein (1910) w/ Life Toward Twilight soundtrack

Edison’s “Frankenstein” is one of the earliest known horror movies, as well as the first film version of Shelley’s “Frankenstein”. The movie was lost for many decades, until a private collector announced he had a copy of the reel in the 1970’s. | This version is accompanied by a soundtrack composed for the film by Life Toward Twilight


5 replies on “Frankenstein (1910) w/ Life Toward Twilight soundtrack”

I have long tried to find a way to see Thomas Edison’s short film of Richard Wagner’s “Parsifal,” but to no avail. Someone should package everything Edison up into one big boxed set.

I know it exists at least as a print because Lincoln Center advertised a screening of it some years back, along with some other Wagneriana. It was a poorly scheduled event and, when they ran out of time, they nixed the “Parsifal.” I politely complained since that was what I most came to see, and the programmer dismissively said, “Oh, you’re not missing anything. It isn’t any good anyway.” So say you and, besides that, not the point!

Well that just blows dead donkeys! No, that is not right. Workin’ on the Parsifal. So far no go.

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