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“Hack the Cover,” by Craig Mod

Cardon Webb’s Series Design for Oliver Sacks

“This is an essay for book lovers and designers curious about where the cover has been, where it’s going, and what the ethos of covers means for digital book design. It’s for those of us dissatisfied with thoughtlessly transferring print assets to digital and closing our eyes.

“The cover as we know it really is — gasp — ‘dead.’ But it’s dead because the way we touch digital books is different than the way we touch physical books. And once you acknowledge that, useful corollaries emerge.”

— from HACK THE COVER by Craig Mod

As stated above: book lovers and designers, read this essay. The resident psychopath, The Creep in the Art Department, is not in complete conjunction w/ all of Mr Mod’s processes and conclusions, but he gives this piece a tremor-challenged thumbs up. And if you really, really like Mr Mod’s passionate and informed essay, you can zap it to your kindle, boom. Technology is a wonderful thing! Sometimes.


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