HEXES the sunday spectra Links

HEXES the sunday special: Links 6/3/12

Original photo by Mariam Sitchinava


Photograph: Mike McGregor for the Observer

Portrait of Martin Amis in the Guardian | Observer

A tiny short-short by Lavie Tidar, “Little Old Ladies”

The SKY-FI issue of The New Yorker w/ a big zoom-in for

A Psychotronic Childhood by Colson Whitehead

Forthcoming eBook from Joe Kane, The Phantom of the Movies, MASTERS OF MIDNIGHT

All Hail the New Pulp? I think NOT YET: New pulp fictioneers are ready to rock’n’roll

An Open Letter to a Fellow Writer about Twitter

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Burning Deer


via darksilenceinsuburbia


WIP by King Unicorn photographed by GoblinFruit Studio. More SFAL pics here.

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Music offers thousands of new albums and eps free for downloading. I’ve recently enjoyed and will happily recommend new releases from Ramona Falls, The Valery Trails, and Ethereal

a darker shade of pagan 6/3/12

A new edition of EVENING OF LIGHT: Cloudscape # 27, June 2012


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