Love Drax

Happy Birthday Joe Kane, aka The Phantom of The Movies®

That’s right, cats. Only the Warrior of the Weird Reels, the Phantom of the Movies, the everlasting Joe Kane can save us from the unimaginable terrors of ZONE-65. Who better suited, than he who sat in the sticky squalor of thousands of midnight marquees in the crumbling shell of New York City in the 1970s? Joe Kane wandered the mean streets, he rode the dark cinematic rails of joy and decadence.

Who but Joe Kane might be worthy of inheriting the scepter formerly held by the likes of Forry Ackerman and Larry Flint? Who but the Phantom breaks his brain and back every spring, summer, fall, and winter to bring you the very best in reportage from the front lines of psychotronic cinema? Huh? Nobody. That’s right, nobody.

So give it up for the kid who still gets a woody when he hears the clack-clack of a movie projector, let’s make some noise for the reporter filing dispatches from the dark side of the screen.  All hail the Phantom, and many happy returns! Pay him a visit at the always groovy VideoScope. Do it now!


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