Love Drax

My Little Ones

So proud of you on Father’s Day, my glorious Dakota, my fearless Damien. You will visit fantastic places and accomplish incredible goals in the long walk of your lives. I know this because Daddy Drax knows everything. My brave and strong little ones. Thank you for a lovely day.

“Seneca” by Patti Smith

Not a downer, the voice of a sober parent, looking ahead.


7 replies on “My Little Ones”

You have amazing children. Absolutely loved my day with Damien, just sorry to miss you and Dakota.

I appreciate your offspring in a way that perhaps only a fellow parent can do. You might reflexively deny any assertions of greatness in you that I could make, yet I need only point to your outpoured genes to verify their veracity. D&D will reflect well on you and WW long after we are gone, my friend.

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