Ashtray Chat

Swallowed by Blown Schedules, the Black Hole in My Brain, and the Mighty Leviathan Known as Inertia…

Roberto Innocenti, The Adventures of Pinocchio

You tell me, man: Is it the sticky start of a new season, the distraction of children, or the backlog of The Creep’s freelance workload? It could be any of those factors or all of them, but the fact of the matter is that the stop-start-just-plain-stagnant delivery of cool shit in these pages and elsewhere has reached such critical levels of badness that the freakin’ cats are ready to go on strike, my children are embarrassed to be seen in public with me, and is racking up record hits, fast becoming the most popular fansite on the intenetz…

But seriously. New wonderment is coming soon, including the oft-threatened/promised I Am Legend/HWA’s Best Vampire Novel of the 20th Century essay, an effusive review of the just-released Yamato 2199, and a spectacular profile of the coolest suite of SF/Architecture-inspired music this side of your Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster. And more. Soon! Zero Moon or no Zero Moon. Because all phases are just that: phases. They swell, they fade. The trick is staying afloat on uncertain tides and finding your way to shore. Carry on, my dark children of Doom.


One reply on “Swallowed by Blown Schedules, the Black Hole in My Brain, and the Mighty Leviathan Known as Inertia…”

Dude, it’s a blog. Post when you have time, energy and/or motivation; don’t when you don’t. No pressure other than internal. You’re not getting paid for this. Life’s too short. There are no wrong answers. Chocolate AND vanilla.

You know I had to click on that link. Love you, man.

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