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HEXES the sunday special 6/24/12

The True Fears of ELLEN DATLOW

from The Horrifically Horrifying Horror Blog, legendary editor Ellen Datlow:

First and foremost –thanks Emma (of HHH blog) for encouraging me and talking me through this—is my fear of writing. I am emphatically not a writer. I’m an editor. I hate writing anything—(I can get away with editorial letters, and sometimes rants when I’m really angry about something, and even the occasional instructional letter). But ask me to write an essay about….something, an introduction to a favorite writer’s story collection, an introduction to my own anthologies and I freeze, heart races, can’t sleep, the whole stupid nine yards of fear.

Ironically, even though I’m a lover and reader of horror fiction, it rarely scares me. But I don’t expect it to. What I do expect is for horror stories to provide me with a feeling of unease, a sense of dread, a shock of frisson at the disruption of my every day perception.

What does scare me in addition to my phobia about writing?

The contemporary United States’ political landscape: the Republican party is a real threat to me as a woman, a progressive, an atheist. The Democratic party for the apparent ease with which it rolls over, playing dead regarding every U.S. citizen’s rights…

Photo by Greg Frost

Read the rest of Ellen’s disclosures of fear, including additional disquiet regarding the current scene in America and the films that creeped her out, at The Horrifically Horrifying Horror Blog. Visit Ellen at


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The Inner Sanctum of ELLEN ROGERS

Ellen Rogers:

Tobias shot this small documentary about our house/studio/darkroom. It also seemed important to me to get started on documenting our place in case we have to leave at any point. I really like the grade of Tobias’s camera it seems to make the greens more English than England itself.

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Illustration by Katarzyna Cyganik

Sam Weller:

Two years ago, while sitting in an upstairs office in Ray Bradbury’s west Los Angeles home, I began writing a short story. Ray was asleep. He was always a morning writer and with a nap, as he said, he “had two mornings.” I typed the title of the short story, “The Shadows Behind the Trees,” and wrote the first page.

I had recently dreamed about going on a vacation with my wife and young daughters and a little ghost girl came from the woods and wanted us to take her home. As a dad, this dream affected me deeply. And while I rarely get story ideas from dreams, I knew I had to write this one.

And so I did. I started the story in the magician’s lair. A house where so much was written over the decades, from sections of Something Wicked This Way Comes, toGreen Shadows White Whale, to From the Dust Returned.

It took me two years to finish the story. I read parts of it to Ray and his eyes welled with tears.

“I command you to finish it!” he said.

With his death on June 5th, late at night, in my own home, I followed his orders.

I present it here, for the first time, as a free PDF download. The story is dedicated to Ray, and is a small gesture of thanks to all of the wonderful, compassionate, kind people who have expressed their condolences to me in the last few weeks. I cannot thank you enough.

I mourn for the Bradbury daughters and the Bradbury grandchildren. But I also feel like one of them. A member of the family. They always welcomed me to their homecomings. I love them all, truly. Through all of this, writing has been the one thing that has given me some comfort. Ray lives on in me. He stirs me creatively and always will.

The amazing linocut artist, Katarzyna Cyganik, graciously allowed me to use her beautiful rendering to accompany “The Shadows Behind the Trees.” Just as Ray often asked his own friend, Joseph Mugnaini, to do single illustrations for his stories, I wanted that component here as well.

“The Shadows Behind the Trees” is a tribute in many ways to one of my all-time favorite Bradbury stories, “The Lake.”

Ray thought “The Shadows Behind the Trees” was a deeply sad tale.

And I have been deeply sad since he passed.

But here it is, Ray. I followed through.

Download the story here

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Confessions of a Pavlovian Comic Book Buyer

[Amusing rant/observations to come.]

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Sisters of the Black Moon

Photographer: Alexandra Valenti Hair: Danann Patrick, Make Up: Jennifer Ziliotto Styling: Sisters of the Black Moon Assistance: Alicin Cisneros, Leslie Crow Location: Enchanted Rock Special thanks to: Maude Nibelungen, Langoliers Jewelry, Heyoka Leather, Naked Eye Beauty, Whitney Womack Jewelry

Sisters of the Black Moon

Clothing Eccentricities for the Shadows of your Soul

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