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The War Lord (1965)

Stumbled across this last night and had a brilliant time with it. THE WAR LORD is a howler of the highest order—so bad as to fascinate, so morally bankrupt on every level it deserves term papers, protests, public outcry, or at the very least an excellent installment from the next generation of MST3K-ers. It’s Pagans vs Christians, Charlton Heston vs a SIEGE MACHINE in the 11th century, I kid you not, it’s nice to know my super power is precognitive flashes of future shit I will soon be watching on TV when I should be working…*

But seriously. THE WAR LORD is amazeballs-bad-good. Track down a copy, gather spirited friends, enjoy.


* Last couple of days on twitter, I’ve been joking about changing my name to Siege Machine, haaaah. Whatever.

3 replies on “The War Lord (1965)”

In addition to looking ridiculous in virtually every shot, Heston’s character is a jaw-dropper of irresponsibility and outright cowardice. Gotta see this guy in “action” to believe it.

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