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Hill House and Hell House at The Horror Show

MalcoJOJO of the always fun Horror Show has assembled a nifty batch of goodies & observations from what he calls the “Hill House Movies,” namely, the filmed adaptations of both Shirley Jackson’s Hill House and Richard Matheson’s Hell House as loose entries in one series. “Outrageous!” thought I, but after consulting the definitive tome on the subject by the greatest Matheson scholar known to humankind, Matthew R. Bradley, it stands revealed that MalcoJOJO is one hundred percent correct!

From Richard Matheson on Screen, page 179, “HELL HOUSE”

Bang! Go check out The Horror Show for original edition covers, movie posters, trailers, and more on the Hill House Movies.

Excerpt from Richard Matheson on Screen © Matthew R. Bradley. Reprinted without permission.


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