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Tangerine Dream: THE KEEP Restored/Complete Soundtrack

The Keep: An Alternative View [Tangerine Tree Vol 54, 1CD]

The soundtrack to the 1982 movie from a first generation copy of the master tape. Ex SBD stereo.

Michael Mann’s movie, The Keep, was released in a severely truncated form. Almost half the film was cut, yet the released movie fast became a cult favorite. Nazis team up with an SS unit to fight an evil force. What more could you want?

It was only ever released as a commercial video tape decades ago. The soundtrack by Tangerine Dream suffered a worst fate. It wasn’t until 2004, that a suitable fan-assembled version made its rounds first as a “tree” shared by snail mail, then as a torrent. This version was made by fans at the tadream discussion group.

“Tangerine Tree Volume 54: The Keep does not present a live concert like most of the other volumes of this series but unreleased soundtrack material from the 1983 movie The Keep in an as yet unheard sound quality, taken from a first generation copy of the studio master tape. The original soundtrack has never been officially released in its original form, though there are several bootlegs (including The Keep) featuring original material. The officially (though extremly rare) TDI release of The Keep (1997) contains mostly re-recorded and tangentized music material different from the music originally used for the movie.”

The music Edgar Froese, Chris Franke and Johannes Schmoelling assembled was less horror than a brooding meditation using synths (or organ-related sounds) that sounded depressing rather than terrifying. Highlights include the vocalizings on Gloria, the only guitar and drums rock out in Betrayal and what sounds like wordless vocalizings of a choir on Talisman. The Evil Within has a monotonous beat imitating the endless pacing of a jailbird trapped in his tiny square of a cell.

Legal issues have been given as the reason no proper release exists. More likely, the music’s lack of commercial potential kept investors away. Thank god then for fans and the power of the internet.

Compiled, remastered and the final mix by Side Effects at Studio Positiveland. Artwork was by Maff and Chris Owen. Info taken from website which belongs to Michael Berling. A thank you to all involved.

— Professor Red

Full Soundtrack for download from the bigO audio archive


4 replies on “Tangerine Dream: THE KEEP Restored/Complete Soundtrack”

Is there any chance, of A complete Soundtrack score, of…
THE KEEP, being released on CD???, asppecially sence the movie it self is coming soon on blu ray, its the perfect time!, to finally release the complete Soundtrack as you talked about…
Michael (Horror Soundtrack fan)

oups I have reply to you but posted as a new comment… my mistake… take a look on the next comment after yours.

No bluray release is / or was ever planned sorry to said… blame go to Paramount and only them!
So for the soundtrack, like you can read all over the web, there are several music legal issues, it’s why Tangerine Dream under his own label TDI Music have released an “inspired by” soundtrack only… Even with the effort of great quality labels of these days (La La Land, Intrada, Quartet Records etc), we never will get a real score release I’m affraid…
You can be lucky enough to find a copy of the new boot edition (Restrospective 2013) with an average sound quality over ebay or other reseller places. Or even better, to find a lossless FLAC copy of this Alternate View edition Simondrax have posted in mp3 since this is by far the best edition available at this day. Good luck anyway.

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