2001: A Space Odyssey [2012 Trailer Recut]

“Duh—Michael Bay! Michael Bay!” Yeah, and half the filmmakers on the planet, too. EVERYONE HAS THE SICKNESS.


Thanks to Daniel on the Google Plus


  1. Even with this, it’s remarkable how well the effects have stood the test of time.

    • Absolutely. Everything looks great.

  2. I expected that to be much worse.

  3. Open the pod bay doors, Hal.

    • Why, hello Joe.

      • Hello to you, too. Yes, I’m still here.

  4. What’s the point? To tell us 2001 was a great movie before this person got his/her hands on it? We knew that. And young people lured into the theater today by a trailer like that would burn it down when they saw how slow the movie was.

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