Monday Quick Links 8/27/12

The mighty Matthew R. Bradley‘s loving remembrance of Ray Bradbury will be reprinted in the new issue of Filmfax

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This enhanced ebook written by a seasoned and well travelled kayaking instructor, gives paddlers lessons aided by 28 HD videos. Starting with lessons as simple as sitting in your kayak and finishing with advanced rolling techniques, Enlightened Kayaking takes you through a progression of skills to help you become a skilled and safe kayaker. Using a combination of classic techniques mixed with lessons taken from martial arts and zen Buddhism, this book offers a unique perspective on kayaking. BUY IT @ iTUNES

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The Book Trailer for Lavie Tidhar’s OSAMA hits planet Earth

Book info HERE. Beautiful writing from a beautiful writer. Not blown away by this novel, however…

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Alex Pecci is not only burning down her kitchen, she’s serving great grub every month in the pages of EVERY DAY w/ RACHEL RAY

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Two must-see posts from John Coulthart: chute libre science fictionRaymond Bertrand’s science fiction covers

And that should keep you quiet till the next commercial. Enjoy.


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