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Wednesday! Pimp Alley! DEADRISE!


Whew! Bitchin’ cover, eh? The Creep in the Art Department, aka Brian Boucher of Barsoom Design, actually did something arguably productive this summer other than throwing together the usual HEXES cover and the infrequent poster for weird causes, such as Deadly Flying Robots for Obama and similarly useless tomfoolery. So as much as I might malign him in these pages, this is as good a time as any to march out the big plea/pimp: BARSOOM DESIGN, fast and cheap. If you are an author in need of a cover, or a band desirous of a poster, or anything, give The Creep a call. Contact via email/comments @ this site also perfectly fine. Tell your friends.

Some love for DEADRISE, the book:

Diving the frigid Chesapeake Bay for oysters soon after a late season hurricane, former Navy SEAL Ben Blackshaw discovers the fresh wreck of a speedboat mired on the bottom. It is jammed to the gunwales with crates of gold bullion worth millions. Blackshaw opens one last box from the wreck and finds a nuclear dirty bomb, its timer racing down toward zero just twenty-four hours away. If this were not enough, the final shock of the day comes when he recognizes the corpse bobbing at the helm of the wreck; a man who has been missing for fifteen years. Blackshaw’s father.


Kindle edition available now. Paper edition soon. Visit the author.


Still not “here,” BTW. Day Six w/out the main Drax Computer. Pray for us.

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