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One Last HEX: featuring Lavie Tidhar, Nick Mamatas, Delia Derbyshire, Warren Ellis, Vintage METROPOLIS, and more

Josie, six year old, Bertha, six years old, Sophie, 10 years old, all shuck regularly. Maggioni Canning Co. Location- Port Royal, South Carolina. (LOC) (by The Library of Congress)  Lewis Wickes Hine, 1874-1940, photographer

On Narration, Pastiche, and the Infantilization of Science Fiction: A Review of Nick Mamatas’ SENSATION by Lavie Tidhar

How does one review Nick Mamatas’ Sensation? This slim novel, published by PM Press (“We seek to create radical and stimulating fiction and nonfiction books”) is a novel one must come at sideways, in fragments of critical observations, rather than directly, it seems to me. It is confounding, irritating and at times sublime.

In its capsule summary, Sensation is about a woman, Julia, who is stung by a wasp and becomes the leader of a sort of radical political movement; and about her husband, Raymond, who is trying to find her; and about the race of intelligent spiders who secretly control much of human history. Which doesn’t really do the novel much justice.

Read the rest of Lavie Tidhar’s great review.

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The entire 30-odd pages of the original programme are waiting at RETRONAUT

inside front

random page I liked

Go get it at RETRONAUT, clickers.

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SPEKTRMODULE #14 – Galactocentric

Direct mp3 link.   iTunes link.

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Hello new listeners.  Feel free to tell other people about this podcast for sleepy people if you like it.

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An Amazing Collection of EVP Recordings:

The Occult Voice: Recordings Of Unseen Intelligences (1905-2007)

Collection of audio documents of paranormal phenomena including trance speech, direct voices, clairvoyance, xenoglossy, glossolia including ethnological material, paranormal music, “rappings” and other poltergeist manifestations as well as so-called “Electronic voice phenomena.”

at UbuWeb Sound

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Amiee Mann – Labrador / Voices Carry

I thought the Voices Carry mirror effect was weird and creepy and sad, in and of itself, and they should have just rolled with it. But no, they had to make a faux “intro” w/ Jon Hamm, a stupid and spineless wink. Oh well.

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Delia Derbyshire Archive, including the documentary Sculptress of Sound

Again, at UbuWeb Sound.


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