The BIG CLICK 06, JAN 2013 on sale now


Issue Six of The Big Click kicks off with “Pure Southern” by James Robert Smith, in which a traumatized ex-soldier guarding a warehouse takes on the mobsters who want to rob it. For our second story we have “Big Davey Joins the Majority” by Barry Graham, which begins with the line “I fired a shotgun twenty years ago. The ricochet hit me today.” and just gets better from there, if you can believe it. Finally we have “Denny” by Kit Reed, a heartbreaking tale of two parents and their son who have three very distinctive perspectives on family life, the threat of teenage violence, and what it means when kids grow up.

You can always enjoy The Big Click for free online, or you can buy it as an ebook for the reasonable price of $2.99. Supporting our magazine means we can keep publishing quality crime fiction, so if you like what you’re reading … well, you know.”


Plus, available only at The Big Click site —

The Ghost Room by Tom Piccirilli

Maybe it’s just because we were superstitious Italians, or maybe I’ve made a lot of embellishments, but when I was a kid every family member we knew seemed to have a ghost room. They were the rooms in houses and apartment building suites where you weren’t allowed to go. Inevitably we were told stories about how they were places where sick or dying people had resided, or where the recently dead had just been taken from. Or the blind lived. Or the crippled.

Mystery and crime and noir fans! Suckers for the finely told tale! Here it is —

The Big Click



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